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  • Auto transmission oil cooler lines, each

    Auto transmission oil cooler lines, each

    Transmission oil cooler line to radiator. 7" lines with correct fittings. Made with all brass fittings, 1300 PSI hose and can handle up to 300 degree and very flexible. Much better than old brittle and leaking hoses! 2 required to replace in and out of...

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  • Fan shroud

    Fiberglass fan shroud. Exact fit for 225 V6 motors. 22"wide. Reduces cooling up to 30 degrees. Easy to install (just six sheet metal screws into your existing radiator frame. Exact replica of the NOS shrouds that came on Jeepsters. This is a...

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  • Heater Hose Kit

    Heater Hose Kit Includes: 7' of premium heater hose 5/8" 4 Stainless steel hose clamps   FYI: Jeepster Commando lengths: 37" from outside heater core tube to back of intake manifold elbow fitting 34" from inside heater core tube to water...

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    Jeepster radiator hose kit

    Jeepster radiator hose kit

    Complete new radiator hose kit for a 1667-1971 Jeepster Commando with a 225 Dauntless motor. Kit includes 1 wire reinforced lower radiator hose, 1 upper hose and one by-pass hose. All exact fit for 1967-1971 Jeepster Commando. Numbers 2, 30, & 31 in...

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  • Radiator V6 Manual 22"

    1967-1971 Aluminum 3 core radiator. This is a direct fit 22" radiator for manual transmissions (no automatic transmission cooling). You can easily add an exterior transmission cooler if you have an auto trans and use this radiator. These are beautiful!...

  • Temperature Gauge

    New replacement temperature gauge, comes with detailed instruction on how to remove and replace gauge. Fits: 1963-1973 J Truck, Wagoneer and Jeepster Commando

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