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Seals & Weatherstripping

  • Cat Whiskers

    Cat Whiskers

    Belt weather strippingBelt weather stripping for both doors. Easy to install, clips are built into the seals. Exact replicas of NOS. Number 7 and 8 in the diagram. Jeep part numbers 970639 outer left, 970640 outer right, 970637 inner left, 970638 inner...

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  • Clutch Lever Boot

    Clutch Lever Boot

    Clutch Lever Boot Fits: Jeep CJ-5 (1972-1975) w/ 3.8L or 5.0L engine. Jeep CJ-6 (1972-1975) w/ 3.8L or 5.0L engine. Jeep Commando (1972-1973) I6 or 304 Clutch Fork Boot; 4″ x 2.5″ (1″ Hole Flap). #5.125-1 in diagram

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  • SALE
    Cowl Seal

    Cowl Seal

    Cowl to windshield seal   Fits all Jeepster/Commando.  Made out of pliable soft rubber. This seal is a new seal--even better than a NOS seal (they were made 40 years ago and are hard and brittle if you could find one). This seal is one piece...

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  • Door glass runner set with hardware

    Door glass runner set with hardware

    Fits on outer front edge of door window glass.   Sold as a set of two, which will do both doors   Part number 977353 called weatherstrip, door window glass outer, number 3 in the diagram.Comes with 8 new flat head machine screws for...

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  • 936733 Fuel cap eccentric not included

    Filler hose to body gasket

    Fuel filler gasket. Replace those dried out, cracked or missing fuel filler gaskets!!  Free shipping!! Goes in between the body and fuel cap eccentric  (not included). # 25 in diagram   This is a Partsdude4x4 exclusive part

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  • Floor hole plug, 1"

    Flush floor plugs for 1" hole. Hole sizes throughout various models of Jeeps are different, so measuring to be sure is advised. Fits Jeep: Jeep Cherokee (XJ) (1984-1996); Firewall Plug. Jeep Comanche (MJ) (1986-1992); Firewall Plug...

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  • Hard Top, Side Window Seal Set of 2

    Hard top side window seal for solid side glass, set of 2. Brand New!! Made in the USA   NOTE:  Special installation steps required. Glass must first be installed in the new seal Each bottom exterior corner section must be glued in place...

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  • Hardtop J nut and retainer, each

    Hardtop J nut and retainer, each

    Hardtop J nut and retainer. This clips on the long side sheet metal of the hardtop and a small 1/4"-20 bolt goes up and fastens the top to the side rail of the body. 67-73 Jeepster/Commando. #16 in the diagram.

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  • Hardtop Master Seal Kit

    Hardtop Master Seal Kit   Everything you need to replace worn, cracked and leaking seals in your Jeepster Commando Wagon with full hardtop. If you have convertible see #CMSK that has all your convertible seal needs.   This kit...

    $510.00 $475.00
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