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  • Shackle, 1-3/4"

    Shackle, 1-3/4"

    Shackle kit , 1 3/4" springs.  Includes numbers 21, 20 19, 11 inthe diagram.  Price is for one shackle kit   Fits: (1967-1969)Jeep C101 Commando Jeep Pickup (1947-1965). (1948-1963).Jeep Sedan Delivery Jeep Station Wagon...

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  • Shock stud, threaded

    Generic shock stud. You can replace a bent or broken stud by welding this in place or thread it in to a nut. Replace the early cotter pin shock stud with these to eliminate the frustration! Can add to spring plate for dual shocks or a sway bar end...

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  • Spring bushing 1 3/4" Spring

    Spring bushing 1 3/4" Spring

    Spring bushing 1 3/4" front springsRubber spring bushing for 1 3/4" front spring shackle.Number 5 in the diagram Fits: Jeep Jeepster (1948-1950). Jeep Truck (1947-1965) w/ 4 Wheel Drive. Jeep Station Wagon (1946-1964) w/ 4 Wheel Drive. Jeep Sedan...

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